P3 Professor Paws (Dog Visit)

2023-05-25 (星期四)
Animals Asia’s Professor Paws is an innovative programme that sees registered therapy dogs visit local schools in Hong Kong to teach children to overcome their fear of dogs, learn safety around dogs, responsible pet care and compassion for all animals. It is really a good chance for students to sculpt students’ attitudes to dogs (and all animals) at a young age and teach children the importance of kindness and compassion. P.3 students took part in the Professor Paws Talk which offered our students a valuable and unique opportunity to develop their English language skills within a supportive and exciting framework, whilst promoting the values of compassion and care through interaction with visiting dogs and native English speakers. A new ‘professor’ — Coffee — was scheduled to visit our school that day. Students can also practise their English-speaking and literacy skills with a native English speaker in a fun environment. The curious goings-on in our schools across Hong Kong are easily explained: Coffee is just one of the ‘professors’ by Animals Asia, a Hong Kong-based animal welfare charity. Under this talk, the native English speaker helped improve the children’s English proficiency and literacy skills — while simultaneously instilling in them kindness and compassion for all animals.
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